BORGIT Consulting s.r.o.
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ICO : 01428152
DIC : CZ01428152
T: +420 724 444 916

This project started in 2009 as a tool for a Shared Service Center, processing 10 countries in the EU, operated by around 400 users. The main goal was to set up a secure electronic approval process, transfer account payables, make a digital archive and provide feedback about the status of transactions. It had to be straight forward, very intuitive and simple to use. To keep users satisfied, we asked for every single idea and requirement. Each was carefully examined and mostly approved by finance management. Such approach and very positive reactions lead to continuous improvements and extensions to reliable solution that works 24/7/365. Later, it has been used as a framework for other departments. And it's still growing and expanding. BORGIT Consulting s.r.o. has been established in early 2013 to provide this complete solution for more companies that struggle with clear process driven departments and the need to increase productivity and reduce time spent on searching for many different records, asking and useless emailing.