Configuration is accessible only by system administrator. Here, admin is free to create, update or remove any items and change every parameter such as categories, types, limits, currencies, exchange rates, functions, departments etc. Every operation is logged. This configurationa allows application to be fully configured and customized to let users work easier throughout all the fields.

User management

User managment

Manage all users with their access permission.

Custom categories

Set categories, types, limits, currencies

Configure expenditures, categories, types, limits, currencies, exchange rates, approval rules etc.

Custom positions and departments

Define functions, departures

Setup employee positions, departments, branches and shifts that are relate to Human resources and Attendance planner.

Custom terminology

Custom terminology

Every company is somehow specific and unique. Becuase of that you have an option to fully customize each keyword used. Simply change every visible item such as field names, titles etc. You can do this for every language.