Human resources

Human resources tool

Tool to track all your employees' important data. Starting from unique forms, through which requested data are delivered to key users. For example, HR department make correction and fill more details if needed. IT depatment creates mailbox and user accounts for other systems, Automotive department can deliver company car, Operation department can deliver mobile phone. Everythink is smooth, nothing is missing, no additional questions. Similar process for employee departure, just fill the form and all needed data goes to key users.

Employees request forms


Standardized forms guide requestors to fill in all the necessary fields required for HR Deparment, IT, Automotive and other if needed. No more additional questions for missing information.
Employee skills


This section offers to record different types of skills with rating, for example language, technical (welding, electrical, 3D modeling, etc.).


For some roles, it's very useful to store biometric details such as height, clothing, helmet, gloves, size of working shoes etc.


For unusual or non-generic events, it's good to record it here so you have a full history of these events. For example promotion, marriage, accident, damage etc.


Here you can see all the subordinates for the selected person. This is automatically generated becuase this information is recorded in the request form for new person.
Assigned assets

Trust property

If you need to provide an asset to an, for example mobile phone, laptop or car, here you can assign assets and also see which all are currently assigned. You can also print the handover protocol directly from here.


Here you can record every training, language course, technical course or any other activity related to personal development


Every manager needs to set the goals for each employee and evaluate their performance. This section allows recording unlimited goals with performance rating.