Cloud based procurement, human resources, attendance planner, project management

By avergage, each user spent more than 100 hours a year with searching for records that are inproperly organized. This is solution.


  • Purchase order approval
  • Reduce fraud purchases
  • Reduce approval times
  • Align with your budget
  • Configure approval rules
  • Assign specific approvers
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Human resources

  • Employee management
  • Position control
  • Departure management
  • Assigned assets
  • Print handover protocols
  • Define skills, targets

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Attendance planner

  • Time tracking
  • Monitor overtime
  • Vacation approval
  • Beautifully color coded
  • Month and annual reports
  • Exports to .PDF and .XLS

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Project tracking

  • Shared project planning
  • Easy task distribution
  • Task acceptance or rejection
  • Private projects or tasks
  • Daily events
  • Track with budget

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Asset management

  • Tangible or intangible
  • Full asset lifecycle
  • Custom categories and types
  • Pair with related documents
  • Track asset history
  • Define reminders

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Contract management

  • Digital document archive
  • Expiration reminders
  • Linked with procurement
  • Immediate access
  • No more paper searching

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  • Built-in configuration
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Define your categores
  • Set your limits
  • Configure approval rules
  • Customize your terminology

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  • SSL Secured
  • Customised access parameters
  • Password enabled security
  • Access remotely
  • Use on portable devices

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