Purchase order approval tool

Procurement approval made quick and easy

This module is dedicated to manage procurement approval aligned with your finance department. Create purchase orders online. Approvers are set automatically up to 4 levels based on input criteria. The approval rules are highly customizable and can be set with built-in configuration. You can set up different types of expenditures, related categories, cost centres and limits for each level. By default, each user creating a purchase order can have it's own approver, but you can also define different approvers for different expenditures, cost centre, category or a combination.

Purchase order form

Creating purchase orders

By submitting the form with different input fields a new purchase order is recorded into the database. Based on defined rules, up to 4 levels of approvers are set automatically and system sends an email notification to all these approvers. The purchase order waits in the queue for its approval or rejection. Once all levels are approved, it sends an email notification back to requestor. The goods or service which is subject of the purchase order, can be ordered and later on the scanned invoice or any other document can be attached.
Approvers assigned automatically

Approval and Rejection

Intuitive grid based list of all purchase orders offers simple filtering, so each approver can list only his pending items. These can be approved or rejected by a single click. Such approved or rejected purchase orders can be no longer modified.
Delegation of approval

Delegation of approval

In case of vacation or sickness, every approver can set delegation of his approval to someone else.
Automatic email notifications

Email notifications

Every important operation triggers an automatic email notification. For example when a new purchase order is submitted, when it's approved or when it's cancelled. Since users are using this tool on a daily bases, such email notifications can be annoying, but they can be turned off if needed.
Merge purchase orders

Merging purchase orders

There can be more purchase orders created during the month to one supplier, but at the end only one invoice is received containing all the requests. To handle such situation properly, there is a function to merge selected purchase orders and have the invoice attached to the one purchase order only.
Automatically assign approvers

Purchase order split

Another great feature is to automatically split a new purchase order into more so called 'child' purchase orders based on different items cost centres. This is useful when cost-centre approvers are defined and you need to place one big order for more projects from a single supplier.
Invoice duplicity checks

Duplicity checks

There is a duplicity check. A process that controls every attached document and if duplicity found, it gives an alert message.
Digital invoice archive

Electronic invoice archive

By following the procurement approval process linked with finance department, every attached invoice is kept in the system so you can find and view the document in a couple of seconds.